Jay Jalaram Bapa

Jalaram Bapa was born in Virpur, Rajkot district, Gujarat, India in 1799, on the seventh day of the Kartikamonth. His father was Pradhan Thakkar and his mother was Rajbai Thakkar who belonged to Thakkar clan, which is a sub- group of Lohana clan. He was a devotee of the Hindu god Rama.

Jalaram Bapa was however not willing to live an householder's life and continued to take care of his father's business. He was mostly engaged in serving pilgrims, sadhus and saints. He separated himself from his father's business and his uncle Valjibhai asked Jalaram Bapa and his wife Virbai to stay in his house.

At the age of sixteen, in 1816, Jalaram married Virbhai, the daughter of Pragjibhai Thakkar (Somaiya) atAtkot. However, he was inclined to completely withdraw from materialistic life and become an ascetic, Virbai proved to be assets to him in his works of feeding poor and needy. She was also a pious and saintly lady and she also decided to follow the path of serving mankind. At the age twenty, Jalaram, accompanied by his wife, decided to go for a pilgrimage to the holy cities of Ayodhya, Varanasi and Badrinath.

History about Lohanas

he Lohanas are said to be the descendants of Lord Rama. Lava, Lord Rama's son is called Lohanas' progenitor. One of the eighteen lines of Kshatriyas was called Lavan. 'Lavan' and 'Lohana' are said to be the forms of the word 'Lavan'. The Lohana have 84 different surnames.

They have settled not only in different parts of India but also in far away corners of the world. The two large industrial complexes in Uganda-the Madhavani and the Mehta's are those of Lohanas.

Originally Lohanas were a prominent community of the Kshatriya caste (Sanskrit - Kshatriya) that originated in the region of Punjab and later on migrated to Sindh and present day Gujarat state in India around 800 years ago. As administrators and rulers, Kshatriya Lohanas are assigned with protecting the people, and serving humanity. In course of time, however, as a result of economic and political exigencies, the Lohanas are now mainly enganged into mercantile occupations.

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